Disability Accommodations - West Academic

West Academic Disability Student/Faculty Requests

The Disability Request Form can be used by faculty and institutional disability coordinators to request electronic copies of Foundation Press® and West Academic Publishing titles for disabled faculty and students.

Please allow approximately 10–15 business days for us to complete your requests. Due to the high number of requests submitted at the beginning of each semester, we appreciate every effort on your part to make your request early, and provide complete and accurate information on the request form. If we have additional questions regarding your request, we will contact you.

For additional information on how to submit a request, provide proof-of-purchase information or for other related questions, please visit our General Support FAQs.

For a qualified student to receive an electronic version of a West Academic publication the publication must be adopted for classroom use. Requests must be submitted by the accessibility officer at the institution or by another legally authorized entity. Electronic versions will be provided only to such representatives.

Electronic versions will be provided only after providing proof of purchasing a copy of the book.

Disability Request Form